Maintenance Engineer B

Job Description
Summary:The Maintenance Engineer is responsible for performing general to advanced maintenance and repair forthe location; ensuring that the location meets local-state- federal laws and regulations; maintaining controlover the approved maintenance budget; performs all other responsibilities as directed by the business oras assigned by management. This is a non-exempt position and typically reports to the General Manageror Assistant General Manager, depending on local requirements.Essential Functions: Inspects, diagnoses and performs repairs (within guidelines of expertise and in conjunction withlocal-state- federal health and safety guidelines) Maintains; small appliances, HVAC, electrical, plumbing and carpentry Ensures the physical structure and equipment are in safe operating condition as per regulationsissued by local-state- federal health and safety authorities Coordinates repairs within approved budgetary guidelines Maintains preventative maintenance schedule and records for all systems and equipment Performs landscaping and snow removal where applicable
Additional Info
Minimum Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills, and Work Environment: Requires a minimum 1 year experience in maintenance field Requires knowledge of the following trades: landscaping (where applicable), small appliancerepair, HVAC, electrical, plumbing and carpentry; certificate of completion of courses in thesetrades preferred Requires a clean driving record; ability to pass HMSHost MVR background check required Requires the ability to stand for long periods of time Requires the ability to bend, and twist to perform normal job functions Requires the ability to lift and maneuver items weighing 80lbs. Requires the ability to perform tasks while on a ladder Requires the ability to be exposed to various climates from extreme heat to extreme cold Requires the ability to operate equipment that requires continual and repetitive hand and armmotions

Don't Be Fooled

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